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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Catholicism and.....Criminal Minds?!?

With the early, shocking demise of my beloved Chicago Blackhawks from the Stanley Cup playoffs, I've recently have returned to an old favorite television show to "binge watch" -- Criminal Minds, currently finishing up its 12th season (which I have not yet watched; I stopped at the end of the 11th season and am now starting at the beginning watching all the episodes; I'm up to the end of the 3rd season).

I typically avoid television shows and movies that involve blood, gore, violence, etc. So how the heck is Criminal Minds one of my favorite shows? Alas, it's because of the familial aspect to the show's ensemble cast of characters: the profilers of the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU). It's the well-crafted character development that has drawn me in and I more or less tolerate the violence. It's also the critical analysis, the studying of the minds of criminals in figuring out the reasoning behind their decision to commit murder. Although the show has the usual liberal slant, I do enjoy catching glimpses of selfless love shown by the characters.

I recently watched an episode where the unsub (BAU term for "unidentified subject"...the bad guy) happened to identify as gay, which, thus prompted this blog post (shocking I know, right? Margo getting fired up about homosexuality?! lol) The gist of the plot was that the 20-something-year-old man's murders were fueled by his Christian father's wrongful hateful attitude towards his son for "being gay". *sigh* Now, I do have to say that other episodes of Criminal Minds have treated Christianity quite fairly. However, this particular episode unfortunately played the "Christians believe homosexuals are dirty" card. NO NO NO! People who find themselves romantically/sexually attracted to members of the same sex are not "dirty" -- the ACTION of gay sex is indeed dirty -- but that doesn't mean the people committing that act are evil; they're misled. They're searching for love and settling for affection that will never fully satisfy their longings.

My other thought is finding it interesting that the whole point of Criminal Minds is to critically analyze cases in an objective (non-biased) manner. So why isn't homosexuality treated in that manner? Why can't homosexuality (the action, not the person) be considered wrong/harmful? Why do the rules seem to change when it comes to matters of sex??

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